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KALLATRA provides flexible and affordable suite of Infrastructure Management Services which help our customers to Design, Deploy and manage their infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our solutions in core infrastructure areas leverage its proven IT infrastructure assessment and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy.

Our highly skilled Consultants, Architects and Engineers bring hands on experience and a consultative framework to engineer and architect the best solution for the real needs. Our technology partnership with leading global technology enterprises ensure access to in-depth knowledge and expertise for you not to look beyond us for any of your strategic requirements.

We offer the following services:

IT Infrastructure Managed Services / Virtualization Services / Cloud Computing Services

IT Infrastructure Managed Services
IT Infrastructure Managed ServicesToday's CTOs face enormous challenges of provisioning high-quality services with reduction in their costs. The potential solution in having this achieved is to utilize remote infrastructure managed services that would complement in-house IT staff. Gartner estimates that "70% of IT support for infrastructure services shall be soon performed from a remote location" and "remote infrastructure management services could reduce labor costs up-to 50% resulting up-to 30% overall net savings, excluding one-time transition charges."

Kallatra’s transformational Network and Data Management Services prepare your infrastructure in adapting to the changing business environment. Our holistic approach to managed services takes into consideration not just the technology but also business objectives. We work collaboratively with you ensuring 24x7x365 access to data, with improved performance, and operational flexibility.

We have designed our Managed Services for large as well as small and medium businesses. Our offering model is completely flexible that allows either dedicated or shared services with the option to outsource based on your business needs.

Our Infrastructure Managed Services include the following:
Assessment Service
We engage with the customer in multiple phases — from discovery to objective recommendations based on deep industry expertise — leading to jointly defined action plans for an optimized infrastructure implementation. We design, plan, and manage a migration path for our customer’s hardware, software, applications, database and storage.

Hardware Infrastructure Optimization Service
We migrate our customers’ IT infrastructures to new and current hardware platforms. We use best practices and methodologies that are based on a deep and multi-faceted, real-world experience of building leading IT infrastructures for business-critical applications, including enterprise-class servers. The suite of services includes complete system-level performance and environmental characterization plus optimization for lowest capital and operational expenses.

Software Environment Optimization Service
Our suite of software services ensures a safe migration to a new, optimized operating environment or middleware framework to match our customer’s business objectives. The services are derived from uniquely deep technology experience with Sun Solaris, Java Enterprise Environments, Linux, HP-UX, plus both development and migration tools.

Database and Storage Optimization Service
Maintaining access to your data through any kind of transformation is often the most critical aspect of moving to a new technology. Using best practices and methodologies, we ensure the integrity and continued availability of customer’s data throughout the process.

Systems Operations Optimization Service
Whether the customer is moving to a completely new hardware or software environment or upgrading to a new release of a familiar product, it's important to create a seamless transition path that reduces the risk and minimize the potential impact on business functions. We map out the differences, create an end-to-end process for a painless migration, and provide training for the customer's IT staff.

Technology Optimization Service
We offer an optimization service that is performed on a regular basis at scheduled intervals where we monitor the infrastructure and evaluate it against current technologies, regulations, and best practices. This is a subscription-based service that will help the customer stay current and determine when they should migrate to a new technology or process.
Virtualization ServicesVirtualizationServicesToday’s industry is looking into a potential saving through server hardware optimization either through consolidation or containment through Virtualization. Virtualization could reduce hardware costs by 30-50%; operational costs by 70-80% and total TCO by 30-70%. Virtualization thus helps in effectively deploying new services and managing computing resources strategically.

We understands the need for Virtualization by delivering IT infrastructure optimization services that deliver huge cost savings and create an efficient IT infrastructure, without impacting service quality. As a natural extension, we have launched our end-to-end virtualization service, which covers the entire services lifecycle from assessment, planning and deployment to management. Thus, we not only help you Virtualize your existing server farm, but also help in day-to-day support of the virtualized environment, ensuring a problem-free deployment and management of the virtualized environment.

Leveraging both on-site and off-site resources, Kallatra can offer you a compelling combination of competence and affordability. Our services use a 'best of breed' consolidation methodology, crafted through Kallatra's extensive experience in designing and managing virtualized environments. This ensures consistency across the globe and provides access to Kallatra's experts and leading practices.

Kallatra can help you build, deploy, and manage a virtualization solution tailored to your business needswith the following service offerings.

Cloud Computing ServicesThe services are highly elastic and scalable, productized and standardized to the Clients Service offerings that are easily provisioned, decommissioned and available on a pay per use model at a lower costs due to economies of scale primarily delivered by leveraging Internet technologies, virtualization services and availability of computing power.

Cloud computing opportunity is real and redefining markets and player. We strongly believe that cloud is a Service Delivery model for all the Service Providers that would be leveraged with a coexistence with traditional delivery models.

KALLATRA positions as a preferred partner through its set of Cloud Computing services with an aim to help its customers identify the cloud service options that are relevant to their needs. We help our customers with migration from their existing set-up to private cloud delivery models and offer true Enterprise class service over cloud delivery to meet their business needs.

Our cloud services include the following:

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